Why It Works for You "Magical" Changes

   These changes may seem “magical”, but they really work.  From sensational new science that reveals the inner workings of our world at the sub-atomic level, to new body insights, to new tools like WHIP FINS that help focus the energy generated from QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer, these new technologies may almost feel like magic.

But they are based on solid science and can help us learn about ourselves and how we can use our bodies better.  

Sensational Science

Since water comprises 60 percent of your body, you should know how QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer pulse waves, help energy flow through you.

Focused Energy

Whips, wings, and jets all work using QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer pulse waves.  These three devices all work as standard features on Whip Fins.

Body Insights

Connective tissues make up 43 percent of your body.  Learning their locations and how they work can help you gain strength and control and can help reduce pain.