What You Get -"Relaxed" Rewards

  As your relaxed limbs cause, QMET, or Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer pulse waves, you reap many side health benefits.  Your heart uses these QMET pulse waves to become more efficient. You joints decompress to allow synovial fluid to improve the health of each joint involved.  Your strength improves remarkably from QMET pulse waves when you know how to use relaxed connective tissue to let energy flow. 

Efficient Cardio

The heart makes pulse waves that become more efficient from the added effects of QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer, pulse waves caused by your relaxed limbs. 

Healthy Joints

The action from your relaxed limbs not only produce, QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer pulse waves, it also helps decompress your joints to let them get healthier.

Remarkable Strength

Understanding our connective tissue structure informs us on how to better control our bodies and the remarkable strength gained from QMET pulse waves.