Sensational Science

We live in a world with a massive amount of water.  Understanding the fascinating traits of water at the sub-atomic level can help you transform your life into a bold, effortless, thrilling adventure.  You relax to let impressive gains in strength and control happen.

QMET, Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer, will bring remarkable strength and control to your everyday moves and feelings 

Unlike most scientific concepts today, QMET did not originate from quantum theories alone.  QMET came from a need for a theory to explain “real life” test results.  Scientific testing of Whip Fins produced seemingly out-of-step results from a perspective of pre-quantum physics.  QMET theories for water flow have now been proven in several labs.


Tiny Magnetic Network

Every water molecule has one oxygen atom that bonds to two hydrogen atoms.  But each oxygen atom tries and succeeds at forming a “hydrogen bond” with the hydgrogen of a neighbor’s molecule.  These bonds create a “magnetic” network and resist change.

Energy Transfers Freely

As you whip your relaxed limbs, the pulse wave produced causes water molecules to break their hydrogen bonds causing a transfer of momentum and energy on the quantum level, QMET.  Feynman describes these phenomena and offers diagrams to help us understand them.

Momentum = Laminar Flows

When water transfers energy ions and momentum at the quantum level, QMET, it can  literally move mountains.  It should come as no surprise then that the same QMET can move every part of your body better with more power, more control, and greater efficiency.

Magical Game Changer

When you understand how to use whipping movements to make water transfer momentum in a laminar flow, you understand an important aspect of how to live better.  You can relax and have a greater influence on water with less effort.

 QMET can help you move the water in your body as well as the water around you. Paths of control connective tissues, CCT, act like “puppet strings” to help you control how you move internally.  And they act as conductors of the ionic energy transfer into the world.  Find out more in Body Insights.


Use These Concepts in Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving, Exercise, and Everyday Activities like Walking

After you learn these concepts and how to use them with the feed back of water in a pool, use them in open water, for exercise, and for everyday life.


Apply Your Understanding

Understanding how water changes when whipped by youR body will help you apply QMET principles with easy fascinating impressive successes.


Understand the Concepts

Understanding the concepts offers insights on how to move your body to achieve remarkable strength and control. 

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Frequently Asked Q&A

Where can I find more indepth info?

Follow the blog on this website for on-going discussions and new info.  You will be notified of any new blog articles as they happen if you use the “SIGN UP FOR MORE INFO” button.

Do you have to understand quantum physics in order to use QMET concepts?

You don’t have to understand any quantum physics to make QMET work.  Quantum Electrodynamics work for everything that you can physically detect except for gravity and nuclear reactions.  So, QMET works whether you understand it or not, but understanding it makes using your body easier and more fun.

Can I find these concepts explained in science books?

Don’t hold your breath for this to happen unless you are underwater. lol. It may take years, but it doesn’t matter since you will find that these concepts work perfectly even though they haven’t been explained in science books.  It doesn’t matter if these concepts are in science books yet because many people with many different body types and skill levels have proven them to work many times.

Does QMET work for with water in my body?

 It has been proven through empirical testing to work. Although, if you don’t relax your limbs, it will stop working.  Basically, tightening the muscles in your limbs short circuits the energy and momentum transfer by diverting it towards your bones.  The reason for this gets covered in the “Body Insights” section of this website.  

Does QMET work on anything but water?

QMET works with jets, wings, and whips.  This gets covered in more detail in the “Focused Energy” section of this website.  Basically, when the attraction between molecules gets broken, some amount of QMET takes place.  In less dense light fluids like air, the phenomena gets diluted because the momentum and number of molecules gets diluted in numbers and strength of bonds between molecules.