About Whip Fins and How They Came About

   I was exposed to Agent Orange in VN which causes my painful neuropathy.  Couple that with my birth defect that has kept me from straightening my toes and you have the reason that I stopped running, playing tennis and choosing active life styles.  This caused me to become obese and develop severe arthritis in my knees and shoulders, It became painfully clear that I had to figure out a way to swim.  

So, I started inventing swim fins that didn’t hurt my legs, but still helped me swim.  Dolphins, whales, top predator fish and sharks seemed the likely best designs to adapt from if possible.  The big difference between their anatomy and ours meant that I needed many years of  designs, prototyping those designs, and then testing them to prove their proficiency and then make needed changes to build and test again.  

Getting them manufactured turned out to be unusually difficul. I needed my sculpture and engineering backgrounds to change the molds as needed to test new designs.  By changing the molds directly, I could test the possibility of manufacturing the newly adapted designs.  

I had to learn CAD because I couldn’t find someone to do the CAD for me.  I had to take over patenting new ideas and testing them.  Finally, I had designs I wanted, patents for them, had them manufactured from my CAD mold designs only to find out that some people loved them, and others thought that they were just okay.  

  I saw that I needed to test them scientifically to understand why they worked.  That eventually involved the science of whips, biomechanics, and understanding the reason why they worked.  These undertakings gave me even more insights into the human body and eventually quantum level science.  Now I can share these insights with you.