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HOW TO WHIP KICK With Whip Fins™

The key to more efficient locomotion comes from coupling the torso's movement to make the upper leg whip the lower leg faster. Just as a whip accelerates as it tapers down in size, your legs can accelerate if you relax your lower legs to make them more like whips. Use whip kicks with Whip Fin to move more efficiently and with more natural speed and power in the water. Whip kicks use the same range and type of motion that works best for walking and running.

When describing how we walk, let's look a one leg through a single stride. We relax our lower leg in the rear of our stride to allow it to kick forward. As the leg kicks forward, the relaxed knee and ankle bend and then the leg straightens. This straightened leg then changes direction so that it pulls the knee back and the heel back and up closer to your backbone. How far the leg moves back depends on how casually or how strongly you want to walk or run. Whip kicks use exactly the same movements and muscles in the water to efficiently yet more powerfully move you. Larger slower paced strides are most efficient and smaller, forceful, energetic strokes move you faster but less efficiently. Whip kick versatility ranges as widely as our natural walking and running strides.

The more you roll your torso to move your upper leg, the more efficient your whip kick will be. In fact, moving your shoulder to move your hips to move your upper legs will maximize efficiency at all speeds with the added benefit of being more powerful at all speeds. By using your torso's heavier mass, you can seemingly cruise with less effort than walking because your body feels weightless in water. Your torso's larger mass efficiently generates more power and speed without taxing your leg muscles.

To move against currents and still save your leg muscles from tiring, rotate your torso to whip your legs and fins. Just remember to relax your lower legs and forget leg cramps forever. When your lower legs relax, your legs work more like whips because they are relatively flexible like the end of a whip.