image john snorkeling with whip fins.
Whip Fin allow you to whip your legs like you do when walking!

Whip Fins™ Be Wise, Strong, Efficient


What Are Whip Fins?

BE WISE: Whip Fins™ wisely help us move more naturally by using the natural whipping movement of our legs as we walk with a high performance fin based on a dolphin fluke cat-scan. We can whip our relaxed lower legs instead of kicking them. Our torso's larger mass can generate energy waves that can whip our legs requiring less leg muscles. Whip Fins™ work best when used as whips.

BE STRONG: Using good techniques when whipping our limbs makes us stronger without feeling stress. We can best consider our torsos as whip handles with our limbs making up the rest of the whip. When we think of our feet, they should be relaxed to work as the tips of the whips. Our customers often write that they felt that lazy efforts with Whip Fins™ let them conquer currents that halted others.

BE EFFICIENT: Because whipping captures the impulse waves generated by our torsos, our legs move with more ease and greatly improved efficiency. By relaxing our lower legs, we increase the whip-like nature of our legs to facilitate a speeding up without increasing our leg muscles efforts. Whip Fins™ efficiency saves on air use, improves performance and enjoyment.

image John Swimming
John Melius, pictured here at 67 and CEO of Morfin Corp, shows and whips his Whip Fins for enjoyment and to stay fit.

Why Use Whip Fins?

The physics of whip-based mobility improve efficiency, power and speed independent of size, power, or physical conditioning. That means that everyone benefits regardless of physical capabilities, disabilities, or skill level when using Whip Fins™ in the water. To get a feeling for the difference between Whip Fins™ and all other fins, try walking with your ankles and knees stiffened and then walk normally whipping your lower legs. The difference between the effort needed for walking with stiff legs as opposed to the ease and power of whipping your lower legs is the difference between using regular fins and Whip Fins™.

Because whip-based mobility improves efficiency, Whip Fins™ improve the experience of every sort of diving, snorkeling, swimming, boogey boarding, and tube fishing where efficient movement enhances safety and enjoyment. Whip-based movement works better for variety in cross-training workouts, for the changing needs of physical rehabilitation, for ease-of-use recreational activities, and for professional-level power output needed in most dangerous diving, snorkeling, ocean swimming, and surfing conditions.