Revolutionary new way to gain remarkable strength

expert tweaks for supercharged health from amazing "magical" science
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Why It Works

Sensational Science

 Newly discovered Quantum Momentum Energy Transfer, QMET, concepts can help you attain remarkable reliable strength for better body control.   Know how the concepts work to move best. 

Focused Energy

Whip Fins use the focusing energy of whips, wings, and jets to make moving in water feel magical and fun.  Whip Fins help you learn Body Insights as well as help you learn how to best use QMET.

Body Insights

Think of Body Insights as the “body owners manual” that you deserved at birth. QMET. Anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics give you truer insights into inner workings of “How Your Body Works.”

What You get


Our hearts weigh less than one pound and make QMET pulse waves that move blood throughout our bodies.  We can make other body parts cause QMET pulse waves which assist the heart and make it more efficient.    


By whipping our limbs to create QMET pulse waves, we stimulate connective tissues and decompress our joints.  This allows the synovial fluids to move freely and strain the connective tissue without stressing it. 


QMET pulse waves break the hydrogen bonds between water molecules causing momentum and energy to transfer through relaxed limbs into the world around you.  This flowing energy offers remarkable strength.